Our Story

Happiness is one of the most important parts of life; men generally don’t prioritize happiness or treat themselves enough. We’re here to change that. There’s something special about having something to look forward to every season and that’s what we aim to provide!

We partner with premium, Espy Approved brands we love and believe you’ll love too. Each box is customized to you to ensure that you’ll discover new products that may just become your new favorites! It’s also a great feeling to be helping deserving businesses get their amazing products to you.

We hope Espy Box brings an air of happiness into your life!


Our Brand Values

Check out some of the things that are really important to us. 


Whether it’s to our customers or the brands we work with we strive to create win-win-win’s. Two wins for the customer or business we work with, one win for us. 

Craftsmanship Matters

Being a master at what one does is important to us. We only work with businesses that have mastered their craft. 

Everyone Is Different

We all come from different stories and backgrounds. We help purposeful brands tell their story. 

Action Matters

We believe in conscientious purchasing and decision making. It’s the reason we research and try every brand in the box.